Lewd Act of the Aceh Regional Office Worker

Lewd Act of the Aceh Regional Office Worker

The case file for the alleged lewd act of the Aceh Regional Office worker of the Ministry of Religion (Kanwil Kemenag) initials TJ has been transferred to the Banda Aceh District Attorney.

TJ and his partner RH were raid by residents for allegedly committing lewd acts in Lueng Bata District, Banda Aceh City some time ago.

“The file has submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office in the process of further investigation,” said Plt Kasatpol PP-WH Banda Aceh City, Heru Triwijanarko, confirmed by crime news media on Thursday (21/7) yesterday.

Previously, the Satpol PP-WH of Banda Aceh City said that the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of Aceh; initials TJ, had fulfilled the elements of violating Islamic Sharia according to Qanut Jinayat.

“If the elements that have complied with the Qanun Jinayat have carried out Ikhtilath,” said Heru, last Wednesday (30/6).

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During the examination process, TJ; who served as the Head of Subsection of the General Affairs Office of the Aceh Ministry of Religion; insisted that he did not admit that he had committed a prohibited act with RH; a contract employee in the same office.

During the raid by residents, TJ, who already has a legal partner, managed to escape. Residents only secure RH and then hand it over to the authorities.

The Satpol PP-WH of Banda Aceh City sent two summons letters to TJ. The first letter was ignore, in the second letter TJ fulfilled the investigator’s summons.

Even though he was evasive, said Heru Triwijanarko, the testimony of the witness and the woman RH to the investigators has confirmed that TJ is suspected of violating Islamic law in a boarding house in the Lueng Bata area.

“But the testimony of the witness and the woman (RH) has been confirm; it’s just a matter of what the court’s decision is,” he said.

Residents in Belawan Brawling Using Molotov

Residents in Belawan Brawling Using Molotov

Residents in Belawan brawling using molotov – It all started with mutual ridicule between residents and a brawl between residents broke out on Jalan JL Yos Sudarso, Belawan, Medan, Wednesday (21/7) early morning. Six people were arrested in the incident. Those arrested were MS (17), K (17), RA (17), AP (17), AA (14) and BWB (31).

Belawan Harbor Police Chief, AKBP Muhammad R Dayan, said the clashes that occurred were not because of the racial issues that had circulated. But because of trivial things in the form of mutual ridicule that has been common between residents who are separated by the river.

“Due to these taunts, suspect BS, who is currently on the wanted list, invited his friends, residents of Yong Panah Hijau, to jointly assemble Molotov cocktails and attack residents of Medan Baru,” said Dayan, Wednesday (21/7) night.

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The Damage

As a result of the Molotov attack, several houses and shops owned by residents were damaged. Then, there was also a Molotov falling in the churchyard which is located at that location. Then, the residents of Maden Lama counterattacked the BS group until they returned to Yong Panah Hijau and invited their other friends so that the clashes became more widespread.

“So the six people we arrest are perpetrators of attacks; and looting into houses and shops belonging to residents who were damage by the clashes. One of them is an adult while the other five are minors,” said Dayan to crime news media.

Dayan explained that the clashes that occur were plan clashes because of trivial issues of ridicule. The police also gather the sub-district head, village head and local neighborhood heads to resolve the problems that occurred. Police were also alert at the location to prevent further clashes.

“So I urge residents not to be easily provoke; and join in considering the current situation is the implementation of Level 4 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). ” conclude Dayan.

Widow Found Dead in Her Home Covered in Blood

Widow Found Dead in Her Home Covered in Blood

Juliana Abe (75) who was a widow found dead in her home covered in blood. The sadistic murder occurred in Lasilai Hamlet, Holulai Village, Loaholu District, Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Tuesday (20/7).

The victim was first discovered by her grandson, Melsi Sa’u (9), a third grade elementary school student. It is not yet known the perpetrator who had the heart to kill the victim, nor the motive for this case.

It is strongly suspected that the victim was murdered on Monday (19/7) at midnight. According to information from murder crime news media, earlier on Monday (19/7) night, the victim and her grandson Melsi Sa’u had just returned from Deni Dengak’s house.

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At that time the victim and his grandson, as well as Nita Loak, Be Loak and Jhon Sely; and Ot Bolla were still playing playing cards. Because it was getting late, the victim and Melsi Sa’u went home on foot by following the highway; to the victim’s house which was about 100 meters away.

When he arrived at the house; Melsi Sa’u immediately fell asleep on a bench in the southern part of the house. Meanwhile, the victim was still piling betel nut on the north bench.

After that, the victim still eats the betel nut and closed the front door; and turned off the electricity in the house and went to bed.

In the middle of the night, Melsi Sa’u woke up from her sleep; because there was a banging on the front door of the house.

Melsia still heard the victim scream once. But out of fear, Melsi continued to sleep until the morning.

Tuesday (20/7) morning at around 05.30 WITA, Melsi Sa’u woke up from sleep. He was surprised to see his grandmother was asleep on the ground.

Melsi Sa’u ran to Melki Rondo’s house and told Yeyen Sa’u, Uli Bolla (son of Othniel Bolla); and Hana Sa’u-Talla that her grandmother (the victim) was sleeping on the ground covered in blood.

Officers Arrest a Young Man in Garut for Stealing Sacrifical Animal

Officers Arrest a Young Man in Garut for Stealing Sacrifical Animal

Tarogong Kidul sector police officers arrest a young man in Garut for stealing sacrifical animal belonging to a resident of Tarogong Kidul District, Garut Regency. The Criminal Investigation Committee of the Tarogong Kidul Sector Police, Ipda Wahyono Aji said that the young man who was arrested was known to have the initials IW alias Kiwi (35), a resident of Cilawu District, Garut Regency. “We managed to catch this IW in the Tarogong Kaler sub-district,” he said, Monday (19/7).

Aji explained that the arrest of IW began with a report from a resident of Mekargalih Village, Tarogong Kidul District, Garut Regency who came to his office to report the loss of one of his sheep in the cage.

“The stolen sheep are animals that the owner wants to sell for sacrifice. Receiving the report, we sent some members to the field because we are focusing on securing the emergency PPKM to conduct investigations and collect information from witnesses,” he explained to crime news media.

After a while of investigating, said Aji, the alleged perpetrator of the theft turned to IW. His party immediately planned the arrest by fishing the perpetrators to be given chickens.

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The perpetrators of IW, according to Aji, were successfully provoke and made an agreement in the Tarogong Kaler sub-district. It did not take long, when IW was in the promise area; his party immediately arrested him without any significant resistance.

“We immediately took the perpetrator to the police station and conducted an investigation. During the investigation, the perpetrator admitted that he had sold the sheep. We are pursuing it, and the buyer understands that he immediately handed it over to us as evidence,” he said.

The perpetrator, called Aji, because of his act of stealing sheep belonging to residents in his jurisdiction, is subject to Article 363 of the Criminal Code. “The maximum penalty is five years,” he said.

Aji appeal to all residents who have livestock that are usually sacrifice to be vigilant. According to him, even though Eid al-Adha is very close; the threat from criminals must still be maximally watch out for.

“Don’t let your guard down, especially those who usually sell on the roadside. You have to be careful so you don’t become a victim of crime,” concluded Aji.

Man Stabbed Neighbor After She Tries to Collect Debt to His Wife

Man Stabbed Neighbor After She Tries to Collect Debt to His Wife

Man stabbed neighbor after she tries to collect debt to his wife – Fajri alias Memet (38) was desperate to abuse a housewife who was none other than his neighbor, Desi Indah Puspita (30). The perpetrator was arrest by the police after being report to the public.

The incident began when the victim visited the perpetrator’s house at his house in Seberang Ulu Palembang a few days ago. The victim intends to collect a debt to the wife of the perpetrator in the amount of Rp. 450,000.

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Suspect Statements

The suspect admit that his sleep was disturb due to the conversation between the victim and his wife about the debt. He say he was tired after selling pempek around.

“At that time I was just sleeping after selling pempek, suddenly the victim came to collect my wife’s debt, in a row so I am upset,” say the suspect Memet at Mapolrestabes Palembang, Sunday (18/7).

The perpetrator was emotional because he was angry, so a verbal argument broke out between the two. The commotion led to the stabbing of the victim’s stomach.

The victim collapse and was immediately evacuate to the hospital for treatment. The perpetrator immediately flee because he is afraid of the tantrums of the crowd and being hunt by the police.

The suspect said he intentionally put a knife behind his door as a precaution. He was mad when he saw the victim and stabbed the knife into the victim’s stomach twice.

“I’m sorry, it’s because I was exhaust after work,” he say.

Head of Criminal Investigation at the Palembang Polrestabes, Kompol Tri Wahyudi, said the suspect was arrested without a fight during his escape, Saturday (17/7) to crime news media. Investigators use Article 351 paragraph (2) of the Criminal Code regarding severe abuse; with a threat of five years in prison.

“The suspect admitted his actions. He argue that his wife upset that the victim had visit her to collect debts,” he say.

Two Malaysian Motorists Carrying Illegal Motorbikes Arrested

Two Malaysian Motorists Carrying Illegal Motorbikes Arrested

Two Malaysian motorists carrying illegal motorbikes arrested while crossing from Indonesia to Malaysia by the Pamtas Mechanized Infantry Battalion 643/Wanara Sakti Pos Segumun, on an unofficial route to the Segumun Hamlet area, Lubuk Sabuk Village, Sekayam District, Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan). ).

“This disclosure was made when our personnel at the Segumun Post received information from residents, who stated that there were two Malaysian motorbikes passing through Gunabanir Village and heading to the Kojub intersection,” said Dansatgas Pamtas Mechanical Infantry Battalion 643/Wns, Lt. Col. Inf. Hendro Wicaksono, in a statement. he wrote in Makotis Entikong, Sanggau Regency, Saturday (17/7) to crime news media.


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He explained, based on this information, the personnel of the Segumun Post, led by Danpos Letda (Inf) Ahmad Siswanto, carried out a patrol on the unofficial route, and obtained the two motorcycles from Malaysia and the two riders.

“The driver of a Malaysian vehicle when he was detained could not show his correspondence or the vehicle was illegal,” said Dansatgas.

Based on the information from the perpetrators with the initials D (36) and U (40); the two motorcycles are plan to be use by both of them to work in Malaysia without official documents; and will enter Malaysia through an unofficial route in the Segumun Hamlet area, Lubuk Sabuk Village, Sekayam District, he said.

“I have ordered all ranks to aggressively carry out patrols; and take firm action against all forms of illegal acts in border areas,” said the Dansatgas.

Meanwhile, in a separate place, Danpos Segumun Letda (Inf) Ahmad Siswanto said the two vehicles from Malaysia; could be secure base on information from local residents; this was due to the good relationship between postal personnel; and local residents so that they could work together to stop illegal acts. in the Segumun region.

“For now, we have submit the evidence and the two perpetrators to the Segumun Customs Post to be record; and processed according to the applicable laws and regulations,” he explained.

Three Man Steal a Dozens of LPG Cylinders

Three Man Steal a Dozens of LPG Cylinders

Three man steal a dozens of LPG cylinders -They have been arrested by The Cibalong Sector Police of the Tasikmalaya resort. The three man suspected of breaking into the warehouse of subsidized LPG agents belonging to members of the Tasikmalaya Regency DPRD. They are suspect of stealing 3kg LPG.

Cibalong Police Chief, Iptu Jaja Hidayat say that the disclosure of the theft started from the victim’s report that his warehouse had been burglarized. In the report, the complainant included CCTV footage as evidence.

“With the CCTV footage, we conducted an investigation into the people who were recorded,” he said, Friday (16/7) to crime news media.


Based on initial information, explained Jajang, the perpetrators carried out their actions at night, at around 19.30 to be exact. However, the condition of the warehouse location is on a quiet street, so it is rarely pass by residents.

“So this perpetrator pretended to park the car, even though he was stealing. The victim reported to us that the number of cylinders stolen reached 52 cylinders. Everything is empty,” he explained.

After his party conducted an in-depth investigation, Jajang said, his party finally succeeded in arresting the perpetrators of the theft, from taking LPG cylinders to car drivers. According to the police chief, all of the allege perpetrators are know to know each other, and are even good friends.

“The three people we have detained have the initials AS, D, and OW. They are residents of Tasik City, as well as Ciamis Regency,” he said.

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Lastly based on the examination of the alleged perpetrators, the three admitted to committing theft with a rental car from Ciamis. They are know to able to enter the warehouse by breaking the gate lock with an iron hammer.

The stolen empty LPG cylinders are known to be sold per cylinder for Rp. 105 thousand. “He sold it to unscrupulous gas station employees. They made a profit of around Rp. 6 million. So they deliberately stole empty cylinders because of the condition of the vehicles used,” he said.

During the arrest, Jajang admitted that his party had secured 52 LPG cylinders as evidence.

“We also secured the vehicle used by the perpetrators as well as the hammer used to damage the lock. We apply Article 363 of the Criminal Code to the perpetrators; with a penalty of five years in prison,” Jajang concluded.

Man Arrested for Molesting His Stepdaughter

Man Arrested for Molesting His Stepdaughter

Man arrested for molesting his stepdaughter, initials N, who was 14 years old. The suspect had molested N twice. He gave Rp 200 thousand to the victim so that he would not speak out about what happened.

S’s lecherous actions were revealed after the victim’s mother, with the initials RW (35), became suspicious. He was surprised his son had a lot of money.

“On Tuesday (13/7) at around 18.45 WIB, the complainant (the victim’s mother) called her son and asked where he got the money because he ate chicken penyet during the day. Then, at night, he bought wrapped rice,” said Kasatreskrim Deli Serdang Police Commissioner Firdaus, Thursday (15/7).

At first the victim did not heed his mother’s question. Then, RW asked his daughter to reveal what really happened. Finally, the victim claimed to have been given money by her stepfather.

“The victim then hugged her mother while crying and told her that her stepfather had molested her twice. Every time she was molested, the victim was given money,” said Firdaus.

The first sexual assault was carried out by the suspect last week. At that time, the victim was given Rp. 200 thousand.

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Second Time

Furthermore, the victim was molested for the second time on Monday (12/7) at around 23.30 WIB. He was given Rp. 85,000.

“The incident took place at the complainant’s (victim’s mother) rental house in Pantai Labu District, Deli Serdang Regency,” he said to crime news media.

After hearing her son’s confession, the mother then reported the suspect to the Deli Serdang Police. Shortly after, the police arrested the suspect.

For his actions, the suspect was charged with Article 81 Paragraph (2) subsidiary Article 82 Paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 76 D and 76 E of Law No. 17 of 2016 concerning Stipulation of Perpu No. 1 of 2016 concerning Second Amendment to Law of the Republic of Indonesia. Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection.

“The threat is 15 years in prison,” said Firdaus.

Defeated in Ludo Youth Slits Friend's Neck

Defeated in Ludo Youth Slits Friend’s Neck

Defeated in Ludo Youth Slits Friend’s Neck – His name is Dedi (22) and the event occur in West Pasaman, West Sumatra. The man who got his throat slashed is his friend, Agus (26), he was seriously injured. Dedi was emotional and dark eyed because he lost playing ludo.

“Based on the perpetrator’s confession, (the motive) was because the perpetrator did not accept losing playing ludo, then slit the victim’s throat,” said West Pasaman Police Chief AKBP Sugeng Hariyadi to merdeka.com in West Pasaman, Wednesday (14/7) to crime news media.

Sugeng explained, as a result of the incident, the victim suffered serious injuries and was in critical condition. He is still undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

Perpetrators and victims are private employees. They both work in one of the cooperatives in the area. “The two of them are friends, and are co-workers at a savings and loan cooperative,” explained Sugeng.

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The Incident

He said the incident occurred in Lubuak Panyagek Rajang, Pasar Tarandam Simpang Tigo, Nagari Koto Baru, West Pasaman Regency, Monday (12/7) at around 20.15 WIB.

“At that time, there were two witnesses who saw the victim staggering from the direction of Rajang or the Suspension Bridge, towards the back road of the Wali Nagari Koto Baru office. The witness saw that the victim’s neck was covered in blood on the front. The two witnesses immediately took him to the nearest hospital, “explained Sugeng.

At the time of the incident, the victim and the perpetrator were riding a motorcycle. When they arrived at the scene, the perpetrator suddenly slit the victim’s throat with a sharp knife.

“Due to the gaping wound on his neck, the victim could not speak; and was immediately rush to the hospital,” said Sugeng.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator was arrest in Rambah Jorong IV Koto, Kinali District, West Pasaman Regency at around 23.00 WIB.

“Three hours later from the start of the incident, at around 23.00 WIB, thanks to the witness’s instructions and information at the TKP, the perpetrator was successfully secured in Rambah Jorong IV Koto, Kinali District by the Pasaman Police Opsnal team assisted by the West Pasaman Police Opsnal,” concluded Sugeng

The perpetrators are currently being investigate by the Pasaman Police. He is being hold accountable for his actions.

Nunukan Immigration Office Secured Two Foreign Nationals From Pakistan

Nunukan Immigration Office Secured Two Foreign Nationals From Pakistan

The Nunukan Immigration Office secured two foreign nationals from Pakistan who entered the territory of the Republic of Indonesia on Sebatik Island, Nunukan Regency, Kaltara on Monday (12/7). Head of the Immigration Office Class IIB Nunukan Washington Saut Dompak explained that the arrests of the two foreigners with the initials BG (24) and SZ (25) originated from information from local residents.

However, the Nunukan Immigration Office is still coordinating with the Pakistani Embassy to confirm the citizenship of the two. In addition, the travel documents that are own are indeed issue by the Director General of Immigration of Indonesia.

It’s just that, said Washington, they still want to make sure whether the documents owned by these two foreigners are genuine or fake. “So if you look at the validity of the two Pakistani foreigners’ travel documents, they are complete issued by the Indonesian Director General of Immigration,” he said, quoted by crime news media, Tuesday (13/7).


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The existence of the two Pakistani foreigners on Sebatik Island is in order to open a business in Nunukan Regency. However, Washington said, the two foreigners should not have been able to roam around before a month in the area.

“This foreigner should not able to roam everywhere; before the business to form has show the notary deed it has. We are temporarily asking for a notary deed from both of them; but it turns out that both of them are also confuse,” said the Head of the Nunukan Immigration Office.

The inability of these two Pakistani foreigners to show business administration documents that will  formed on Sebatik Island, has raised the suspicion of local immigration officials. “So the whereabouts of these two foreigners are still being investigate,” he added.

Regarding the reason for the two foreigners wanting to form a business on Sebatik Island; Washington said that the notarial deed was not in accordance with its designation. The problem faced by the Nunukan Immigration officer is that the two Pakistani foreigners are not fluent in English; so they are still looking for a Pakistani translator.

Former Lover Acts Sadistically Because Proposal Is Rejected

Former Lover Acts Sadistically Because Proposal Is Rejected

Former lover acts sadistically because proposal is rejected – The sadistic murder has shocked residents of Cisauk District, Tangerang Regency, Banten. A young woman was killed and burned by her former lover who was allegedly hurt because her proposal was rejected by the victim.

The victim’s name is Siti Zahra (19), a resident of Cibogo Village, Cisauk District, Tangerang Regency. His body was found in a pathetic condition with burn marks on an empty land in Suradita Village, Cisauk District, Tangerang Regency, Friday (9/7) at around 06.00 WIB.

The murder case was immediately investigated by the Cisauk Police. The victim’s body was taken to the Police Hospital, Kramat Jati, for an autopsy. Several witnesses were also examined.

Zahra is finally recognized. Her father, Aziz (45) believes the burnt body is his daughter, who has been missing since Thursday (8/7) night.

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“There was a piece of clothing that became evidence and exactly it was used for work (Siti Zahra), I memorized it correctly. Batik Jogja was given by her aunt, I’m sure it’s my child,” said Aziz, Monday (12/7) to murder crime news media.

He told me that Zahra didn’t come home after working at Dr Henny’s clinic, near his house. “Thursdays usually leave work at 8 pm. Indeed, during Covid the clinic is crowded, but if there are only one or two patients left, he is allowed to go home first. But he doesn’t go home, his phone number is switched, it’s not active,” Aziz explained.

Aziz waited until Friday (9/7) morning, but there was no news from his daughter. Instead, he received unpleasant information about the discovery of a woman’s body on fire in a neighboring village, Suradita Village.

For some reason Aziz felt the need to find out the truth of the information. He rushed to the garden that was rumored to be the location where the body was found.

“From morning to Friday afternoon, I heard that there was a murder in Suradita. It’s called the loss of a child, panicked, I tried to check there. So I asked the residents there, they said the case was handled by the Polsek,” explained Aziz.

Woman Killed and Burned by Ex-Lover in Cisauk

Woman Killed and Burned by Ex-Lover in Cisauk

Woman Killed and Burned by Ex-Lover in Cisauk – The family of Siti Zahra (19), the victim of burning by her ex-lover DS (20) and US in the empty garden of Suradita Village, Cisauk District, Tangerang Regency, admitted to being shocked by the death of the victim. Moreover, the victim is known to be a good child and loves his family.

Aziz (45), the victim’s father admitted that he did not have any inkling before his daughter’s departure. He only saw his daughter convey messages to her sister before being found death in a pathetic condition.


“I don’t have any (hunch) at all,” said Aziz at his residence, Sunday (11/7) to murder crime news media.

Aziz explained that the day before his departure, Siti Zahra conveyed a lot of advice to his sister to love her parents and not to bother them. Even Siti, said Aziz, had time to make a tiktok video with her sister.

“Playing Tiktok with his sister. It’s not usually done. There are many messages for his sister, don’t be stubborn, don’t eat too much, feel sorry for the parents,” he explained.

Aziz admitted that at first he didn’t have a bad feeling about his daughter, but because he didn’t return home after work and received news that someone was burning in his village, Aziz panicked. Moreover, the victim is repeatedly called and always diverts the call.

“I know my son, he’s never been like that. When I saw the corpse on Facebook, I felt it was my child. I was very sure, from all kinds of social media (videos). In my heart I believed it was my child,” he said.

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Perpetrator’s Motive?

“The suspect DS had a relationship with the victim and when he applied for the victim, the suspect and his family were rejected by the victim’s family,” explained Imanudin.

Investigators Examined 2 Witnesses of Ship's Captain Death

Investigators Examined 2 Witnesses of Ship’s Captain Death

Riau Police Investigators examined 2 witnesses of ship’s captain death, Baharudin, who died after being shot, allegedly by Customs officers in Indragiri Hilir, Riau. Baharudin was the captain of the ship on which Haji Permata was traveling during the disclosure of the illegal cigarette smuggling case.

The two witnesses were accompanied by their lawyer, Razman Arif Nasution. The famous lawyer had previously demanded the promise of the police to investigate the case of Baharudin’s death. Because, during the arrest attempt killed Haji Permata and his men and Baharudin as a civilian.

“With this examination, we are sure that the investigation will resume. We hope that this case will quickly find a light, the perpetrators and intellectual actors will be arrested quickly,” said Razman, Saturday (10/7) to murder crime news media.

The former lawyer for the Head of BIN General Police (ret) Budi Gunawan said the two witnesses were from the family of the late Baharudin, namely the victim’s brother and wife. During the inspection, which lasted approximately 5 hours.

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Lawyer Statements

The well-known lawyer say that this investigation was due to the strangeness of Baharudin’s death after being shoot by a Tembilahan Customs and Excise officer. After the incident, the Head of Customs and Excise Tembilahan Yusuf has also been question by the police.

Razman admitted that the Riau Police investigators invited his side if they wanted to present other witnesses for examination. However, due to the PPKM policy in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Razman chose to present another witness in the next two weeks.

“Essentially, as attorneys, we want the case to be handle, and who the killer is reveal,” he said.

According to Razman, the essence of the examination is the chronology of the incident where the victim died. Starting from how Baharudin was with the Haji Permata group to being shoot in the head. Then the treatment process that ultimately the victim’s life could not be save.

“It seems that it has been direct to one person, namely the shooter. But there must be someone who ordered and this must be a chain. The intellectual actor must be reveal.

Razman believes that under the leadership of the Riau Police Chief; Inspector General of Police Agung Setya Imam Effendi, the investigation into this case will proceed well.

Razman also admit that he was contact by an unknown person to discuss the case. However, Razman handed over the case completely to the police.

Coffee Farmers in Empat Lawang Robbed and Raped

Coffee Farmers in Empat Lawang Robbed and Raped

Coffee Farmers in Empat Lawang Robbed and Raped – A husband and wife couple, M (55) and E (44) were victims of a robbery by five perpetrators. Tragically, one of the perpetrators raped the victim once.

The incident occurred at the victim’s coffee plantation in one of the villages in the West Pendopo District, Empat Lawang, South Sumatra, Saturday (3/7). The perpetrators who covered their faces using gloves came directly to threaten the two.

The hands of the male victim, M, were tied with a rope. But before he fought back so that his hand was injured by the knife from the perpetrator. Then, the perpetrator took victim M under the hut and was beaten by the perpetrators.

While his wife was left in the hut. Not long after, a suspect came and raped the victim. The perpetrators took away 200 kilograms of coffee, a motorbike, Rp 700 thousand in cash, and a cell phone. They then fled.

Not long after, two local residents arrived who happened to be passing by the scene. The two victims were eventually evacuated to the local health center for treatment.

Ulu Musi Police Chief AKP Yusuf Lubis said his party was still conducting an investigation to reveal the identity and arrest the perpetrators. The two victims, especially the female victim, were in shock as a result of being raped by one of the perpetrators.

“It’s true, five perpetrators robbed a married couple, the victim was raped by the perpetrator and took their belongings,” said Yusuf, Friday (9/7).

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The Statements

From the victim’s statement, they did not recognize the herd’s face. But they still remember one of them had met somewhere.

“When fighting, the victim pulled the mask on the perpetrator’s face, from there he knew his face, but did not know his identity,” he said to crime news media.

It was said that the two victims had just picked coffee in their garden. For safety while waiting for the coffee to sell, the two of them stayed in the garden alone.

“Actually, many farmers stay in the garden during the coffee harvest season. Coincidentally, when the other incident happened, they returned home, leaving only the two victims in their garden,” he concluded

Branded Liquor With Fake Stamps Uncovered Successfully by Customs

Branded Liquor With Fake Stamps Uncovered Successfully by Customs

The network of making beverages containing ethyl alcohol or imported branded liquor with fake stamps uncovered successfully by customs in Kartasura, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java.

In this case, the Surakarta Customs and Excise Team arrested three people with the initials ABM, SYT and SPR, as well as evidence in the form of 27 bottles of fake imported liquor and 1,368 empty used bottles with imported brands and materials for alcoholic beverages.

“The three perpetrators and the evidence are now at the Surakarta Customs Office for further investigation,” said Head of the Surakarta Customs Office Budi Santoso in Solo, Thursday (8/7). Quoted from crime news media.

The disclosure of the case started from the available information, then the Cyber ​​Patrol Team analyzed it. The mode is doing online sales or marketing through social media.

The Surakarta Customs Supervision Unit officers subsequently took action and arrested suspected violations of the law in the field of excise, related to the sale of alcoholic beverages without original excise stamps using the cash on delivery (COD) transaction method by the perpetrator with the initials ABM.

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ABM perpetrators advertise the liquor through social media pages. Furthermore, during the delivery of goods by ABM actors, Surakarta Customs and Excise officers arrested the person concerned in Kartasura District, Sukoharjo Regency, Tuesday (29/6).

Officers when arresting ABM perpetrators found evidence; which according to his confession would be delivered to the buyer; as many as 27 bottles of fake imported liquor of various brands.

The Surakarta Customs and Excise officers carried out the development; and investigation of ABM’s information, then arrested another perpetrator, SYT, in the Karanganyar area.

It didn’t stop there, the team then went to the location of the production; or manufacture of the liquor; then arrested another perpetrator with the initials SPR in a separate place in the Sragen Regency area.

In relation to this case, the Surakarta Customs and Excise has coordinated with the Karanganyar Police ;and the District Attorney’s Office for legal proceedings against the perpetrators.

“This is not only detrimental to the state from the excise revenue sector; but can also endanger public health and order,” he said.

Riau Police Thwarted 108 Kilograms of Meth Smuggling

Riau Police Thwarted 108 Kilograms of Meth Smuggling

The Drug Investigation Directorate of Riau Police thwarted 108 kilograms of meth smuggling in Bengkalis. The police arrested four perpetrators.

Riau Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Agung Setia said the four perpetrators consisted of two couriers and two customers. The customer is a prisoner in Bangkinang Prison, Kampar Riau Regency.

“A total of 108 kilograms of methamphetamine were smuggled in. This case is a development of the disclosure of 17 kilograms of methamphetamine smuggling in Dumai last June. We found 17 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine in a condition ready for distribution,” he said in Pekanbaru, Wednesday (7/7) to drug crime news media.

He said the 17 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine in Dumai was ordered by drug offenders in Pekanbaru. So the Riau Police did an in-depth investigation.

From the investigation carried out, the police managed to reveal the presence of 108 kilograms of methamphetamine. Later the drugs were also order by people from Pekanbaru.

The drugs were secure in the Bukit Batu area, Bengkalis Regency, which is well know for drug trafficking. It was an order from RI and RO, prisoners at Bengkalis Prison. It turns out the smuggling have something to do with prisoner at Bengkali Prison.

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Meanwhile, the couriers who picked up and distributed the illicit goods were Pekanbaru people, namely Bobi (Bo) and Bayu (By).

“The perpetrators of Bo and By are brothers. Meanwhile, the order is a prisoner in prison,” he explained.

Director of Drug Research at the Riau Police, Kombes Victor Siagian, add that the 108 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine were secure in 3 different locations. Namely in Pekanbaru two locations, and in Bukit Bengkalis 1 location.

“In Rumbai Pekanbaru we secured 38 kilograms, then we developed it and managed to confiscate 22 kilograms around the Labersa Pekanbaru road. Finally, we secured another 48 kilograms in Bengkalis,” he said.

Man Burned Down His Parent House Because of Money

Man Burned Down His Parent House Because of Money

Man burned down his parent house because of money – His initials is MH (25). As a result, four houses were burned down located on Jalan Durian Ratus, Kurao Gadang Village, Nanggalo District, Padang City, last Saturday (26/6) at around 22.30 WIB.

The case was revealed after the police from the Nanggalo Police carried out an investigation.

“From the results of the investigation, it was found that the perpetrator deliberately set fire to one of the houses, it was known that it was his parents’ house,” said Nanggalo Police Chief AKP Sosmedya in Padang to Merdeka.com, Tuesday (6/7) to crime news media.

After the investigation, the police arrested the perpetrator at the house of one of his family members on Jalan Berok Raya, Kurao Pagang Village, Padang City, Sunday (4/7) at around 18.00 WIB.

He revealed the chronology of the fire. Initially, the perpetrators of MH asked for Rp150,000 from their parents, but they were only given Rp50,000.

“Based on MH’s confession, he would buy cigarettes and gamble with the money, because the perpetrator was unemployed. Because at that time his wish was not fulfilled, the perpetrator said he was annoyed, and turned on the gas stove by burning a blanket,” said AKP Sosmedya.

Furthermore, after burning the blanket, MH immediately went outside as if nothing had happened.

Then the fire grew, and burned four houses consisting of one of his parents’ house, and three plots of rented house that still belonged to his parents.

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The Direction

He said that the direction of the perpetrator to MH was based on the confession of the tenants of the rented house that there was a commotion from the house next door.

“After getting the noise, there was the sound of a gas cylinder exploding, then a fire broke out,” he explained.

In order to be responsible for his actions, the perpetrator is threatened with Article 187 paragraph 1 which states that anyone who intentionally causes an explosion, fire or flood is threatened with imprisonment for a maximum of 12 years if the act causes danger to the public and to goods.

MH himself admitted that he regretted his actions. MH himself admitted that he knew his house was on fire because one of his friends told him.

“I am very sorry that I burned the house. I asked for Rp. 150,000, but I was only given Rp. 50,000 to play (gambling),” said the perpetrator to the police.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Padang City Fire Operations Operations, Basril; said that his party went to the scene of the incident at 23.20 WIB.

“When we arrived at that time, the fire had already grown; and scorched the whole house, and the owner did not have time to save his belongings;” Basril said when contacted separately.

A total of seven fleet units from the Padang City Fire Department were deployed. The fire itself was successfully tamed around 00:40 WIB.

Melkianus Riwu a Resident of Belo Village Attacked by a Crocodile

Melkianus Riwu a Resident of Belo Village Attacked by a Crocodile

Melkianus Riwu a resident of Belo Village attacked by a crocodile – He is a 60 year old man from Maulafa District, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara, and he suffered a number of injuries. The incident occurred when Melkianus was looking for fish in the coastal waters of Lalendo, Bolok Village, West Kupang District, Kupang Regency, Sunday (4/7) at around 10:00 am.

West Kupang Police Chief, Iptu Sadikin when confirmed Monday (5/7), confirmed the incident. “After the incident, the victim went home and underwent traditional treatment and did not report this incident,” he said to Indonesian news media.

According to the victim’s confession to the police on Sunday (4/7) yesterday, at that time the victim went to sea by diving and shooting fish at Lalendo Beach.

At around 10:00 am, suddenly Melkianus saw a crocodile coming towards him from the front. The victim tried to swim to escape, but the crocodile continued to approach and pounce.

Melki tried to hold the crocodile’s snout using both hands but the crocodile managed to bite his ring finger and little finger. The crocodile continued to attack by biting his right thigh and knee.

Melkianus then took a knife that was tucked in his waist, then stabbed him in the neck so that the crocodile released its bite and left the victim.

As a result of the incident, Melkianus’ ring finger and little finger were severed. The victim’s thigh and knee were also torn from the crocodile bite.

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From the scene, the victim went straight to St. Hospital. Carolus Borromeus Belo, Kupang City for medical treatment. After that, the victim immediately went home to undergo outpatient treatment, as well as traditional medicine.

The Kupang Barat Police have visited the victim for questioning; and advised him to immediately go to the hospital to repent.

The West Kupang Police are also coordinating with related parties, the government; and the local community to immediately make an effort to catch the crocodile.

“We urge the public to be careful; because around Lalendo Beach, Bolok Village, West Kupang District, Kupang Regency, there is a fee,” concluded Sadikin.

Police Raids Stores in NTT for Raising Drug Prices

Police Raids Stores in NTT for Raising Drug Prices

Police Raids Stores in NTT for Raising Drug Prices – Investigators from the NTT Police’s Drug Research Directorate since Friday (2/7) have visited all drug stores in Kupang City. The police check and also anticipate the issue of rising drug prices, during the Covid-19 pandemic which is troubling the community.

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Drug Control’s Order

The Director of Drug and Drug Control at the NTT Regional Police, Kombes Pol AF Indra Napitupulu even ordered all Drug Unit Heads at the Resort Police to carry out the same checks at drug stores in their respective areas.

“People should not be anxious or panic. We ensure that drug prices are still stable. If there are naughty traders who increase drug prices during the Covid-19 pandemic; we will take firm action,” said AF Indra Napitupulu, Sunday (3/7).

According to him, the issue of rising drug prices which is currently viral is troubling the public. “People are worried about the increase in drug prices, which have soared because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

The Statement

Indra stated, if it is found that there is a price increase that is not in accordance with the applicable rules regarding HET (Highest Retail Price); or there is hoarding, strict action will be taken in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. As a first step, it takes preventive steps to prevent the intentions of naughty business actors.

“We hope that business actors will not dare to play with prices or hoard to get extraordinary profits,” he said to Indonesian news media.

The Director of Drug Research has also given orders; to the ranks of the Narcotics Unit at the Resort Police level; to carry out field checks starting Saturday (3/7) yesterday in all drug stores.

Recently, Novy Viky Akihary representing the Indonesian people; wrote an open letter to the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo; and to the Minister of Health, Minister of SOEs, Minister of Trade and the Chief of the Indonesian Police.

This letter, dated July 1, 2021, is related to the insane increase in drug prices. He said that currently the drug cartels have exceeded the patience limit of the Indonesian people.

An Orangutan Enters a Garden Belonging to a Resident of Aur Cina Village

An Orangutan Enters a Garden Belonging to a Resident of Aur Cina Village

An orangutan enters a garden belonging to a resident of Aur Cina Village, Batang Gansal District, Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau. The appearance of protected animals is right around the Selancang Hill tourist attraction.

The presence of these animals makes a scene and worries the local community. The community then reported the incident to the Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park Office (BTNBT).

Head of BTNBT, Fifin Arfiana Jogasara, said the orangutan entered the Bukit Selancang tourist attraction in search of food.

People are worry about this animal because of its large body which is estimate to be 19 years old.

“After receiving the report, we together with the community carry out mitigation,” said Fifin, Saturday (3/7).

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According to Fifin, the incident had also gone viral on social media. From the appearance of the photo, the orangutan was allegedly name Rocky with male sex and 19 years old.

“It is suspect that the orangutan was Rocky who had undergone rehabilitation at the orangutan reintroduction center manage by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS). Previously this orangutan was keep by humans so that its natural nature was reduce,” he say.

According to Fifin, some time ago after undergoing rehabilitation, this orangutan was released into the TNBT on June 16, 2021 in the Bukit Soap area, Talang Tanjung Hamlet, Siambul Village, Batang Gansal District, Indragiri Hulu Regency.

The TNBT Balai team together with FZS, Batang Gangsal Sector Police, KPH Indragiri, Aur Cina Village Government and several volunteers are still in the process of searching and sweeping Rocky. So far, the animal has not been find.

“The temporary suspicion is that Rocky has re-entered the TNBT area. The team will continue to search the area until Rocky can be find again. If during the search he is found, then his health condition will be checked first,” he said to Indonesian news media.

If it is declare healthy and fit for release by the veterinarian, say Fifin, it will be bring back to a place further into the TNBT area. However, if it is declare unwell or unwell, rehabilitation will be carry out first in Jambi.

“We urge the public to work together to protect these wild animals. If you find them, please inform us at the first opportunity,” he said.

Police Are Currently Investigating Indication of Human Ritual

Police Are Currently Investigating Indication of Human Ritual

The South Jakarta Metro Police are currently investigating indication of human ritual – a woman whose story has gone viral on social media, regarding her offer to be the MC for a social gathering event that includes the ritual of human pesugihan in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

“He’s still being investigated,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Jakarta Police, Kompol Achmad Akbar when confirmed by merdeka.com, Friday (2/7).

However, Achmad could not provide further information because the examination of the woman was still ongoing.

“I’ll let you know,” he said simply.

Previously, netizens were shocked by the confession of a woman who claimed to have been an MC (Master of Ceremony) at a sociality charity event that sacrificed ‘berondong’ in the elite area of ​​Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

Following up on the news, Pondok Pinang Village Head Rizki Januar said that his party had coordinated with the RWs in the Pondok Indah area, but no one knew and found out the truth of the event.

“Yes, sir, I have asked the leaders of the Rw, the information is that there is no such activity in the neighborhood,” said Rizki when confirmed by occult news media, Friday (2/7).

Rizki obtained this information after confirming with five RW heads, starting from RW 13 to RW 17 in the Pondok Indah area.

“Information from the RW heads is that there is no such pesugihan activity. Because the housing in Pondok Indah has a good security and order system,” he said.

“In fact, they also just found out about it (the news about pesugihan),” he added.

Previously, the Police had also gone down to track down the information; which was currently being discuss on Twitter social media.

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“We are still investigating,” said Kebayoran Lama Police Chief Commissioner Donni Bagus Wibisono when confirmed.

Previously, a woman revealed the story of the pesugihan through the Twitter account @coffelessugar. In the uploaded video, the woman reveals irregularities; during the negotiation process for the price of MC services that she usually offers.

He admitted that he was offer a fee of Rp. 10 million for one hour as an MC at the private social gathering event. After receiving an explanation about the series of events; he was surprise because it would involve ‘popcorn’ or young men who would be treat inappropriately. Like crawling and being hang.

Police Raided Methamphetamine Dealer House

Police Raided Methamphetamine Dealer House

Police raided methamphetamine dealer house – Members of the Narcotics Satres Karawang Police arrested a young man from Krajan B Hamlet RT 00/004 Kertasari Village, Rengasdengklok District, Karawang Regency. Darwin (21) was secure with 4.97 grams of crystal methamphetamine store under the bed of the suspect’s house and it is know that the suspect does it because of panic.

“We searched the suspect’s body and house and we found 5 clear plastic packages containing 4.97 grams of white crystals which were stored under the mattress,” said Karawang Police Narcotics Head AKP Aji Setiaji, Thursday (1/7) to drug crime news media.

Aji said that Darwin’s arrest began with information from the public regarding drug trafficking at the crime scene. From this information, continued Aji, the police conducted an investigation. When they arrived at the scene, the police immediately carried out a raid and arrested the suspect. The raid is carry in surprise to prevent suspect from running away.

“The result of the interrogation of the suspect admitted that he got the illicit goods from Den Nur Pratama,” he said.

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Police Development

Officers immediately moved quickly to develop. In this development the officers moved to Sukajaya Hamlet RT 007/002 Kemiri Village, Jayakerta District, Karawang Regency.

“The results of the development officers managed to secure 2 suspects including Den Nur Pratama and Rohim, residents of Kampung Sawah Village, Jayakerta District,” he said.

From the arrest, officers also secured evidence of methamphetamine weighing 8.09 grams and marijuana weighing 9.4 grams.

“Den Nur is the supplier of the suspect Darwin; we also secure Rohim who acts as a liaison to Candra; of which Candra is a drug supplier to Den Nur,” he explained.

Because of that the three suspects who were arrest; were subject to Article 114 (2) Jo 112 (2) Jo 132 (1) Jo 111 (1); Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics.

Thanks for reading this drugs crime news article that is title “Police Raided Methamphetamine Dealer House”

3 Youths in Medan Robbed Police House

3 Youths in Medan Robbed Police House

3 Youths in Medan Robbed Police House – Three people with the initials JH (31), NR (28), and YAP (33), were arrested by Medan Helvetia Police for stealing a gun belonging to a Polairud member named Rudi (27) in East Helvetia Village, District Medan Helvetia, Medan City, Thursday (24/6) last week.

Medan Helvetia Police Chief, Kompol Pardamean Hutahaean, said the three perpetrators of the theft also took two cellphones belonging to the victim. The brain behind this theft case is JH.

“On Wednesday (23/6) suspect JH was visited by suspect JH at his house. Then they agreed to steal at the victim’s house. Next, Thursday (24/6) at around 03.30 WIB, the two suspects headed for the victim’s house. open the door of her house,” said Helvetia.

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Inside the House

After opening the door to the victim’s house, the suspect YAP entered and took the victim’s bag which contained a firearm with 15 ammunition, an empty magazine, a beret, and a cell phone which were placed on the living room table.

The stolen goods were then handed over to JH. Meanwhile, the victim’s gun was brought by YAP. Then, the victim reported the theft to the Helvetia Police.

“Furthermore, the team conducted an investigation and found that the YAP suspect was on Jalan Paya Geli, Medan Sunggal District. The police then arrested YAP at around 16.00 WIB,” said Pardamean to crime news media.

The police shot YAP because he was trying to fight back when he was arrested. Furthermore, the police arrested JH who was on Jalan Istiqomah, East Helvetia Village. According to JH’s confession, the stolen goods in the form of two of the victim’s cellphones were entrusted to the suspect NR. Then the police arrested NR.

“They are subject to Article 363 Paragraph (2) in conjunction with Articles 55 and 56 of the Criminal Code. The penalty is 9 years in prison,” concluded Pardamean.

A Man Pretends to Be a Woman to Borrow Hundreds of Millions of Money

A Man Pretends to Be a Woman to Borrow Hundreds of Millions of Money

A man pretends to be a woman to borrow hundreds of millions of money – Man with the initials DK (40) then proceeds of deception are used for spree.

The mode, DK creates a social media account by posting a photo of a woman with a caption as a model. The photo of the woman he got randomly from another account.

Last February, the victim with the initials AK was interested in getting acquainted. Communication is intense, to the point of exchanging cell phone numbers.

“The perpetrator carried out the fraud using Facebook media, where it seemed as if she was a beautiful woman, a model, then got acquainted with the victim and often communicated, but the suspect was always reluctant to make video calls,” said Head of Public Relations of the West Java Police, Kombes Erdi A. Chaniago, Tuesday. (29/6) to crime news media.

Once, the suspect borrowed a total of IDR 250 million to do business and buy a car. The victim who still believed then agreed to send the money.

“With persuasion, there were transfers of approximately 3 times, so that the victim received a loss of approximately Rp. 250 million,” explained Erdi.

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Over time, the victim became suspicious because the money had not been return. There are many reasons not to be find. The victim then report the case to the police.

“Criminal special cyber unit managed to reveal the identity and arrest the suspect. The suspect used the money for extravagance, gambling, fishing in a luxurious place, of all that,” he explained.

The suspect was charge with article 51 paragraph 1 in conjunction with article 35 of the law number 19 of 2016 number regarding amendments to the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 11 of 2008 concerning ITE and Article 378 of the Criminal Code, the threat of which is 12 years in prison.

“From the results of this digital examination, no other victims have been find. But this mode has many,” he conclude.

Husband Digs Wife's Grave Doubting She Dies Due to Covid

Husband Digs Wife’s Grave Doubting She Dies Due to Covid

Husband Digs Wife’s Grave Doubting She Dies Due to Covid – Video of Roni Residents of the Cidadap neighborhood, Tinggar Village, Curug District, Serang City, desperate to dig the grave after 5 day of burial of his wife named Asiah to move the residents of Serang City.

The video of the demolition of the tomb was widely circulated on social media. Even though his wife had been buried five days ago using the COVID-19 protocol.

Based on the information gathered, the dismantling of the meal was carried out on Saturday (26/6/2021), because the husband doubted that his wife had died from Covid19. Because there is no official letter stating that his wife has been expose to Covid19.

In addition, Roni reveal the reason for the demolition of his wife’s grave because he want to be bury according to environmental customs, namely using Islamic law.

“Frankly, all my children, frankly, there are obstacles, what are they hiding; they are still not free, they are still curious. My son asked for it to be open again (the tomb was demolish); I agree for my son to feel calm, “said Roni, Monday (28/6).

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Roni revealed, his wife enter the Banten Regional Hospital on June 9, 2021, for treatment for high blood pressure and asthma. However, after entering the Emergency Installation (IGD) RSUD Banten, the victim could not be find at all.

And underwent treatment for 11 days, until finally he was take home by ambulance and in a lifeless condition.

He received information that his wife was expose to COVID-19; when busy dismantling the tomb and even then it was inform via WhatsApp messages, not official letters.

“I want to ask the truth to the hospital. Yes, he was tell that (he got covid-19 when he was about to unload). But no letter, only death certificate. So there is no evidence that my wife has COVID-19. not yet, only on WA (WhatshApp),” he said to pandemic news media.

After being dismantle, his wife’s body was wash, pray; and bury according to the culture of the local community in the same grave.